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OctoPro rewards you points every minute you are productive.
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Block out distractions
Set push notifications on silent automatically when you are in flow. While in this mental state, people are completely involved and focused on what they are doing.
OctoPro reminds you if you fall off track. Keep your focus and take a proper break between tasks.
Focus on one task at a time
Create a team and invite your peers. Now you can motivate each other and pile up points collectively! How does your team compare to the others?
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Founder and CEO of Systima
Robin Roed
OctoPro has made me more efficient while making work more fun. A simple application that motivates greatly!
Director of Product at Ecotek Corporation
Marcus Winnfors Ravik
OctoPro is for those who value productivity. At work, I switch between different softwares and OctoPro has been brilliant helping me get insight in how I actually spend my time!
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