How to increase your attention span

Studies have shown that the attention span of modern man has decreased from 20 to 8 seconds in the recent few years. Digital world has made the attention crisis even worse.

Does the same case go for you?

No doubt, Attention is the key to productivity. Without attention, it is hardly possible to do anything.

Consider yourself sitting on your office bench working on your upcoming project.

What sort of distractions you are more likely to encounter?

It might be a colleague interrupting you during the extreme moments of your brainstorming, an unexpected phone call or an unnecessary Twitter pop-up.

Distractions can be of various forms and it is hardly possible to trace all of them.

Distractions are everywhere. And we do not even know from where the next distraction would come.

Being in such a scenario makes it difficult for you to live in the moment and pay attention. Right?

But worry not, we are always here to help you out!

Prioritize your tasks at hand
Whenever you have dozens of tasks at hand, ask yourself, “what are the most important ones”? Similarly, figure out the least valuable ones which deserves your little attention. Take your time and prepare a list!

It will help you to clarify your mind and refine your actions. You know, having a clear and fixed mindset is the key to productivity!

Your mind controls your actions, and your actions affect back your mind.

In simple words, you can say, anything you have in your mind will be visible through your deeds and actions. If you have no ambiguities about the importance of a task, you will do it wholeheartedly and with complete devotion.

Ultimately, your success at that particular project will reflect your mind’s clarity. Interesting!

But, how to do it? That's the question!

Thinking about your tasks for hours and making a long list will be burdensome. The more time you spend thinking about your tasks, the fewer moments you will be left with to perform them practically. Overthinking leads to inaction and practical impairment.

To avoid it, you should use some simple digital tools, like FocusList or Todoist.

Relax, regain yourself, and take breaks!

Overwork can shorten your attention span in the same way as inactivity does.

For example, you have often noticed that your productivity has declined due to long-term strenuous work. Here is an interesting Neuroscience working behind!

Humans are not computers. The human mind is unique, which differs from algorithms and machines. There should be a pleasure element in your work. It is a necessity!

For example, the Human mind can't work without a surety of future reward, which will be available to it after the strenuous activity. Think about it!

We work to get paid. We study to get a job. In each case, there is a reward waiting for us in the upcoming future. It keeps us motivated by controlling our brain’s Dopamine production.

So, never get obsessed with your work. Work in milestones. Spare a few moments for yourself. Take short breaks. Although these breaks appear to be consuming, they will help you in the long. Taking short breaks is an effective way to increase your working attention span. So, every time you get bored at work, have some fun! Involve yourself in such activities which please you. Play with children, have your favorite drink, and eat a delicious meal!

Train your mind through meditation and deep thinking

Meditation is a treasure of ancient wisdom. It really helps you to get control of your mind. What?

Listen, if you are losing your focus and have a brief attention span, you are losing control of your mind and thoughts! Your distractions have taken the control of your mind! When you have intentional control over your thoughts, you will never get distracted, and your attention would be at its peak.

Train your mind through some focused meditations and deep-thinking routines. Meditation and deep focused thinking increase your resistance to your distractions. Take back control of your mind.

If it is difficult for you to meditate like a classic man and indulge in some deep thinking spans, then worry not! I often struggle to do so!

But, I use an alternative that is really effective. Modern tools!

Digital modern tools make it easy for us to achieve the same benefits with more ease.

OctoPro is a digital tool which I personally use to train my mind. To stay focused and boost your attention span, it is the choice!

The design of the app is unique in a sense that it is designed by taking into the account the natural phenomenological structure of human consciousness. You can say, it is designed for humans. Not for machines and robots. OctoPro knows, how human mind can be trained to stay focused and attentive in a natural way.

For example, if you are working on a project and deeply absorbed in it, you only needs to keep the distractions away. Deep work is like deep thinking and focused meditations. But, the only element which is lacking is the blockage of distractions. In deep thinking and meditations, you usually don't have distractions around you. The reason is such activities are carried out a peaceful and distraction-free environment. But, here in case of deep working, distractions are present. Here comes the OctoPro!

As soon as, you are fully absorbed in working on a particular task, OctoPro enables the DND (that is to say, ‘DO NOT DISTURB’) mode. It helps you to distract your distractions and achieve the same state as meditation and deep-thinking. Amazing!

It is the thing which I like the most in this app. It works in a natural and humanistic way!

Moreover, OctoPro is suitable for several other things which we have discussed above. For example, OctoPro reminds you when to take breaks. So, you never lose your productivity pace!

Work with a team
Working alone and working with a team have two quite different tones. When you work with a team, it is hardly possible for you to lose focus. To increase your attention span, working with a team is the choice!

Every time, you are to lose your attention in the ongoing work, your coworkers and friends will remind you about your task. It will help you to keep yourself engaged.

Listen, here we have another point!

Complete involvement and engagement in your work will help you to boost your attention span. Being engaged raises a sense of responsibility. It will help you to stay focused and involved.

Imagine you are working on an important project, and you are likely to lose the track. Immediately a member of your team reminds you about it by asking something related to the very project you are working on. You will suddenly get alarmed. You will likely to say to yourself, “Oops! I have not done it yet! What am I doing?”

It will shift yourself back to your work. Working with a team has several other advantages. But working with passionate, oriented and focused coworkers will help you to increase your attention span!

Deep sleep
You have often thought that, reducing your sleep hours and increasing your work hours would be gain. In the past, I personally used to think in the same manner.

But, Listen!

Researchers have shown that reducing the sleep hours and increasing the working hours is not a gain at all. Rather, it is a loss!

Nothing increases your attention span more than a deep sleep. Deep sleep increases the production of growth hormones in your body and helps your muscles and nerves to recover and heal. After a deep sleep, you feel fresh and motivated. The late night work which you are likely to complete in 2 hours with a sleepy head, will be accomplished in half an hour with a fresh mind.

Walking a few miles
No doubt exercise plays an important role in boosting your attention span and help you stay focused. But, walking is something unique.

A great German intellectual once wrote,

“ All truly great thoughts are conceived through walking.” (Nietzsche)

Walking a few miles on soft grass, really helps your brain to stay focused. Regular walking will tremendously increase your attention span. Choose a beautiful location for your walk. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking. Nature is the best teacher. It has an immense healing power. Be with nature and she will help you stay focused!

So, you have all the necessary things at hands to boost your attention span. Follow these steps, get on board and start working right away!