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Ever felt that distractions, multitasking or procrastination held you back?
Let OctoPro take care of it so you can get things done.

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Block out distractions
Set «Do Not Disturb» mode automatically on when you reach flow. While in this mental state, people are completely involved and focused on what they are doing, producing much more in less time. This is also called «Deep Work».
OctoPro reminds you if you get distracted. Multitasking may sometimes be useful, but mostly it's not. Keep your focus and OctoPro will help you take better timed breaks, when your performance starts to slow down.
Don't fall off track
Let coworkers know when you are in flow. Then they can choose to send the message that is about to disturb you later if it is not critical. You may of course let all Slack messages go through if that is a part of your workflow. This can be enabled in the onboarding after installing OctoPro on your computer and in the settings tab.
Understand when you are most productive and block off this time in your calendar to focus. Get a complete understanding with the stats in the app and a report sent to your inbox each week.
Valuable Insights
Create a team and invite your peers.
Work together to form a union where focus time is important. Your team will get recommendations for the best times to have meetings, when to do individual work, and when to be available. All optimised for maximum productivity. Enterprise users may even collect points they can use in their own in-app store with rewards.
OctoPro Store
OctoPro rewards you points every minute you are in flow. Spend them on what you want in the OctoPro store for free! We make sure you get the best offers possible.
How much time can you save?
Increasing your time in the flow by 15 to 20 percent, you can double productivity.
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    Founder and CEO of Systima
    Robin Roed
    OctoPro has made me more efficient while making work more fun. A simple application that helps my focus greatly!
    Director of Product at Ecotek Corporation
    Marcus Winnfors Ravik
    OctoPro is for those who value productivity. At work, I switch between different softwares and OctoPro has been brilliant helping me get insight in how I actually spend my time!