How it works

OctoPro is your personal assistant motivating you every day!
OctoPro is your personal assistant motivating you every day!
Track your performance
OctoPro stays in your menu giving you feedback on how you are doing. It measures your activity, focus, and productivity during the day and shows you analytics week by week. You can see your points, active time, average productivity, and more.
Keep Focus
OctoPro notifies you if you lose focus and motivates you to complete one task at the time. Distractions are everywhere, with OctoPro you will become more structured and create good habits. Multitasking is proven to only work for 1% of the population and is on average wasting 40% of your time.
Get REWARDED for being productive
OctoPro rewards you points that you can spend in the in-app Store. You gain points for every minute you stay in flow and even more for completing tasks.
Workflows that are personalized FOR you
You decide how you want to work! Create your own workflows that match the app you use in work, school, in your free time, or gaming. OctoPro adjusts to your preferences while still performing in the same way.
Teams that motivate each other
OctoPro understands how people work better together. That is why OctoPro is created for teams working towards a common goal. Motivating each other on the way, and balancing the workload when needed. You get a collective team reward for achieving the goal.

There are even public teams you can join that works in the same area as you do! You can join several teams independent of each other and your company.
We strongly believe in staying transparent with our users and show you exactly what data is collected and how it is used to create value back to you. With data, we can make OctoPro better and adjust to your needs. Our most important asset is the trust of our users.
We take your privacy as our highest concern! Your data is safely secured with the best encryption standards there is.
Data Security